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Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Arrival in New Orleans

The trip here to New Orleans was uneventful. The weather was great both on the ground and in the sky.

I've been using the camera phone to post a few pictures. I'll try to get some nice picture out of my 40th floor hotel window tomorrow.

At a food court in Houston, I was approached by a young man with an accent asking a question. He spoke English well, but pointed to my soda straw asking what the word for it was. Later, as I was leaving my table, I asked him what the word for it was in his language. I think he thought I was kidding, or teasing, but I wasn't. I am genuinely interested in languages. He replied that he was Syrian and that the Arabic word is (and I have no idea of the spelling, or if I even heard it correctly): kusla

ApacheCon promises to be filled with lots of learning and networking opportunities. One cool new feature is a dedicated social networking style web site to help people connect with each other and with the sessions, speakers, etc.. If you're a part of ApacheCon, check it out at

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