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Monday, November 3, 2008

ApacheCon 2008 - Intro

Destination: New Orleans, Louisana, USA

Event: ApacheCon 2008

Goal: Learn more about Apache open source projects, with a particular emphasis on the HTTPD web server. I hope to gain more knowledge about how Apache HTTPD can better be used for high-volume, high-availability web sites. I also hope to learn more about simplifying configuration management, web search, logging strategies, and whatever else comes along. It would also be nice to network with other Apache HTTPD server admins and swap notes and war stories.

I also hope to have a little fun and get some rest with a full 8 hours of sleep each night in a big, soft, comfy bed with no distractions. I might even bring a book to read.

Updates: I will be experimenting with using this blog combined with photo blogging via and, and quick updates using Feel free to interact with me via comments on the blog and replies to the twitter updates.

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