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Friday, November 7, 2008

ApacheCon2008 - Last Day in New Orleans

Today is the final day of ApacheCon 2008 for the folks who aren't staying for the "voluntourism" day Saturday. I think the idea of "voluntourism" is a great idea, and hopefully the idea will take off.

Yesterday I took the stairs down from the 40th floor to the first floor just for fun. Down is easier than up, but today my legs ache after siting around in sessions all day. I am sure I'll get a chance to work out the kinks walking around airports on the way home to Omaha.

The rain gave way to a not so steamy, but relatively dry afternoon. I did get a chance to snap some photos of the French Quarter (or maybe it was the Garden District? I never looked at a tourist map) over lunch. I will get those posted later.

I am still amazed at how narrow the streets are. Despite the high volume of traffic, including automobile, bicycle, and pedestrian, things seem to move along pretty well. I've never been to Europe, but I imagine this might be how the old, crowded European cities might look.

I learned some cool new things at ApacheCon, and had the opportunity to participate in a Birds of a Feather session on "Web Operations Battle Scars." I've got some ideas of things I want to try in the R&D environment, and if things work out, they may eventually work its way into production.

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